$7,000,000 in Renovations and Gymnasium Addition add life to a Private High School Campus. ( Designer/ Project Manager while @ BA)

Added a new energy efficient, light & airy Gymnasium befitting a school of Thetford’s caliber. Re-purposed space for the Locker Room facilities, Cafeteria and Auditorium help enliven the existing building.

Project Goals:
The New Gymnasium

     was deemed critical

     to the growth and

     well being of the

     school, so it and it’s

     support facilities were

     given the first

     priority for the design

New locker Rooms

     meeting the ADA and

     other appropriate

     requirements were

     designed complete

     with new Coach

     offices, storage rooms,

     and a first aide room

     to compliment the new

     gym facility.
A new Mechanical Room with high efficiency equipment was also installed.


Part of an $8,500,000 in Renovation and Addition Campaign (while @ BA)
(Existing Building/ New Automotive Building)

It is all about first impressions. This New Main Entrance was added with integrated ramps, updated finishes and a new more welcoming main office. The entrance to the student run dining facility also shares this main entry point.


The Early Childhood Development program features a fully functional Pre-School that the student run, complete with its own castle, classroom and observation room. Lots of daylight flood the entry area and Pre-school area.


Plant and Animal Husbandry was relocated and expanded to include Animals, Aquaculture and a New Greenhouse. The main entry point into this area functions as the receptionist area to simulate a typical veterinary clinic.

Constructions Trades, Multi Trades and Woodworking round out the major changes to the first floor.

On the second floor, Family and Consumer Sciences, Work Based Learning, Pre-Engineering Classrooms and Science Labs were added. A New Health Sciences Program was fitted out as part of the renovations as well. A New Staff Lounge was added for staff to have a get away place to be with their peers. The last two features added were a new Biotech Lab and Graphics Arts Program complete with green screen and control booth.



The New 11,712 sq. ft. Automotive Technology Building fulfills the dream of the School Principal and frees up the existing building for new programs. (Project Manager while @ BA)

Complete fully functional teaching

     Automotive Garage w/ Classrooms

     and Lockers.
Check-in for Service
Car Wash Bay
Hydraulic lifts
Diagnostic Equipment
Under slab Exhaust System
Under slab Drainage system w/

     Storage tank.
Durable materials chosen for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
Operable partition in classrooms for flexibility.

Students get to schedule the service work, run diagnostics, perform the needed repairs, and clean up after the customer is gone…...It does not stop there. These students get to learn all the most up to date safety procedures while in this controlled environment. This new facility builds a useable knowledge base and provides a true sense of accomplishment to its graduates.








Additions in several directions and major interior renovations breath new life into this treasured small town school.

Major Challenges:
1. The Existing Building had many fire code violations

     that needed to be addressed as part of the construction

2. In order to add on where the floor space was needed, the project would

    consist of several additions that needed to be built simultaneously.
3. Resolve existing ice damming and structural issues.

Scope of Work: Better site circulation for traffic and busses, Covered bus drop off, New office admin area, kindergarten and dedicated drop off area, science classroom, library, cafeteria, upgrades to several other classrooms, two general education classrooms and a new music room were added. Summer school was being held during construction, requiring careful scheduling of construction work and maintenance of egress paths.


2010 New Hampshire Elementary School of Excellence

Completed on time and under budget
( North Branch Construction, Concord, NH)
Built simultaneously during the summer break
Coordinated efforts with Teachers, Principals, Building Committee Members, Engineers, Building Officials, North Branch Construction and subcontractors. Kept everyone focused and working toward mutual goal of a successful project completion within a tight given timeline.


Above: Kindergarten Addition far left.
Left: Kindergarten Addition far left. Designed for eventual second floor addition to maximize site build-out.
Below: Continuation of existing building rhythm.
Addition is far left to masonry joint between the second and third windows.










This small town private school desperately needed a place to hold meetings without disrupting the students that attended the facility. At the same time we repurposed some underused space to create a lunch room for the teachers and office workers in the building.



After listening to their needs, I showed the clients three schemes, both in plan and how they effected the site. They chose scheme A, below, right. I finalized a simple set of plans and outline specifications that Cobb Hill construction then built the addition from. I processed shop drawings and approved product selection, went to weekly site meetings as part of the Construction Administration Process.



This project began as a feasibility study prior to the town voting for approval of the project.


Work out a program for the spaces and

     size of each needed in the new school.
Code Review
Align Schematic Plan with State Requirements

     and the teaching styles of the school.
Provide simple plan and 3D rendering for mailing

     to all residents prior to vote.





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