Kelly Gale Owner of KLG
Kelly Gale Owner of KLG
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About KLG

At KLG Architecture we specialize in designing innovative thoughtful spaces that uniquely fit the family, business, location, and idea that sits at the heart of each project. Our work spans a vast array of needs, from creating a comfortable healthy environment to raise a family in; to a state of the art high hazard storage facility. From Community Connectivity projects to Preserving the past through historic preservation.

KLG looks beyond the pure square footage required, to holistically include the big picture parameters that are essential to make a project Special.

KLG Architecture opened its doors on the first business day of 2009 with the desire to treat people the way we would want to be treated, with care and respect. The owner of KLG, Kelly Gale, has gone through the LEED certification process and used Energy Start guidelines for her own home and the new office. Kelly believes in hard work, dedication, continued growth, being positive and helping others. Our goal: to provide our clients with thoughtful, comfortable -energy smart homes and businesses that they can be proud of and to help them to navigate the whole design process that many find intimidating, frustrating and to some, quite terrifying.

Do you remember the recycling mantra that our kids brought home from school? Reduce, reuse, recycle. We wholeheartedly believe this applies to the built world.


At KLG this is a passion. It speaks to the owners joy at meeting new clients and solving new problems. Of taking on a new dream with a returning client -turned friend. Of starting on a journey to create that special space that quietly exudes the perfect balance of beauty and functionality. 

We would love the opportunity to lend our knowledge and design expertise to enthusiastically work with you as our client to create a design that is both thoughtful and inspired. A design that reflects you, your lifestyle and your tastes.