Commercial Renovation

South Royalton, VT

The goal of this project was to take an existing newly vacated commercial building and make it appealing to a specific client the owner wished to have purchase or lease it. The tricky part was that the wooed party was a chain store with pretty stringent built in requirements.

  • The existing building was very minimally insulated and that done very poorly. We developed details to fix the insulation in the walls and roof taking care of the moisture source that was leaving the existing wall cavities continually damp.
  • We added details to thermally isolate and insulate the copulas above, completing the air barrier was key to keeping the moisture laden air from causing a rain effect inside in the colder months.
  • We added ADA Bathrooms, upgraded the windows and doors to look better but also be more secure and keep the conditioned air on the right side of them.
  • We stripped and sealed the concrete floor with a nonslip epoxy which was both easier to clean and safer for the future patrons.
  • New lighting inside and out, new siding and a new wrap around covered walkway to protect the patrons from the elements and the building, well the drawings for it at least were ready to show the prospective client………

And the company that had vacated the building saw the plans, offered more money than the chain store was offering and moved back into the newly renovated building. The property owner was happy.