Depot Plaza

Bradford, NH

What once was a proud train depot bringing businessmen in fedoras, long trench coats and walking sticks in hand  and families eager to spend their summer months and money to this quaint little town, was now a vacant, chopped up building – most recently a grain supply store.


The owner envisioned so much more. He brought KLG Architecture in to see what could become of this underused piece of property in the center of his beloved town.

The Goals were:

  • Maintain as much of the iconic Train Station as possible
  • Provide Mixed use units in the main building and much needed storage bays in the out building
    • A bakery/ café’
    • Attorney’s office
    • The Builder’s Office and Construction Company Storage in the adjacent bay.
    • A Hair Salon……
    • Other small local businesses that needed a home, like the incubator company start-up buildings in the bigger cities
  • Leave the end bay as storage and a base of operations for the builder that had already been chosen
  • Provide an apartment on the second floor, more than one if possible
  • Get the whole project through the planning board and Zoning Board
  • Work with the local fire chief and the state fire marshal’s office to maximize the rental units on the site within the codes given there was only well water on the site. Sprinklers were a last resort the owner was trying to avoid as it would mean cisterns, fire pumps and expensive year round testing.

Using the Existing Buildings Code, some existing conditions that were grandfathered and with direction from the code officials, a plan was worked out by KLG with 7 Units on the first floor and one apartment on the second floor. 5 Storage units would occupy the other building on the site. Parking, egress, circulation, fire separations, bathrooms, signage, drainage and exterior lighting all needed to be approved through the town boards and fire department.

Approvals in hand the construction began….