western elevation

Jefferson Public Library

Jefferson, NH

This small town had been making due with a tiny library that had no onsite parking or running water. A nearby site was donated for the new Library to help it become a reality. KLG Architecture provided this preliminary plan as part of a design competition which it won and for the fund raising campaign. Some of the design considerations are as follow:

  • Provide visual control for the Librarian from the Circulation Desk. 
  • Provide a Meeting Room with off hour access, including restrooms and a second means of egress.
  • Provide all the spaces and circulation material shelving and racks as required in the Library Program. 
  • Provide extensive windows toward the open field behind the new library.
  • Explore Solar. 
  • Explore Radiant Floor/ Ground Source Heat Pump. 
  • Re-use the existing gravel parking area if possible. 
  • Align the new building with the adjacent residence. 
  • Maintain the existing large trees on the lot and build where the existing building is located to minimize the impact to the open fields. 
  • Keep the façade to a scale appropriate for the rural town of Jefferson.

The back of the building is shown with a flat roof to allow the sun unhindered access to the south facing panels on the sloped rear portion of the roof. The design takes its cues from the barn down the street as well as other buildings in the area. Brick was used to keep the maintenance required to a minimum. The high windows, light shelves and copula draw light into the Library– this combined with daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors will significantly reduce the electrical lighting loads of this new community treasure.