Lisa Prestwich house

Lake Side Cottage

Lake Sunapee, Newbury, NH

The intent of my Clients was to spend holidays in the States at this Lakeside Home and have it be shut down when they returned to the Netherlands. Being extensive travelers, and having stayed at many lakeside homes, they could envision what was possible for this little cottage.  The existing structure was a three season cottage w/ most of the house on stilts, extending over the steep banking at the water’s edge.

The hopes for the project:

  • Floor plan changes and updated appliances and finishes were required throughout.
  • New Windows, Doors, Insulation and Siding were in the project scope.
  • Site work to make the residence compliment the sloped configuration of the site was required.


  • The Existing Cottage was listed as Non-Conforming as it was within the waterfront setback (both town regulations and EPA). It was grandfathered as is, and the New Owners were going to be allowed to replace the failing stilts, but only the stilts. They were not allowed to add any living area within the setback. Their hopes were to add a lower level beneath the existing home, providing living space that was at walk-out level to the water’s edge. The town would not budge and the zoning regulations left no room for ambiguity. There was no possibility of getting a building permit for what they wanted, and the clients were not interested in building a new home a bit farther from the shore.

The Owners opted to purchase another property that met their requirements and put this cottage back on the market. KLG Architecture has often done this process before the property is purchased to let the prospective owners know what they can expect to be able to do with the property.