Lake side house

Lakeside Residence

Lake Sunapee, Sunapee, NH

The existing house had severe water damage. The high, oddly proportioned 6’-8’ overhangs were sagging with much of the trim missing. The insulation was minimal. The windows, skylights and doors were old, warn and damaged…..not to mention did not provide adequate egress for the occupied spaces and bedrooms. Porches and decks wiggled precariously. The entry, circulation, materials and fixtures all were under par for this family’s lake front retreat.

after entryway
A new covered entry creates an elegant access to the home, keeps the rain and snow controlled and provides a place to store wood and don snow shoes.

The tiled area inside the door beckons to the more intimate areas beyond. The living room with its window wall to Lake Sunapee and its gorgeous view fully open to enjoy. No old curtains, foggy windows, or wood stove to block the view, only a grand stone fireplace tucked on an interior wall. Perfect for clustering the couches and comfortable chairs around, leaving the circulation and views unimpeded. The dark ceilings are gone in lieu of beautiful beams that help define the space. To the side is a door that closes off the basement family room noise and a new wider graceful stair rises to the private bedrooms above. Through one opening you are afforded a peak into the newly updated kitchen with a pantry and powder room to one side and the formal dining area around the corner toward the Lake.

New Structurally sound, low maintenance decks wrap around the home providing ample points for the family to spill to the outdoors.

The old windows and doors were replaced with beauty, functionality and egress in mind. The walls and roof were furred out to provide room for new insulation and proper air and moisture barriers to be installed. The original roof overhang was cut back and bolstered structurally.

The second floor was redesigned to allow for a more functional circulation and bedroom layout and to get more bathrooms on the second floor.  All the fixtures and finishes were upgraded as well as lighting, ceiling fans and a new ducted HVAC system were installed.



Shortening the original roof overhang allowed for the installation of a screened porch and new lower roof system that the grille and walking surfaces are better protected by and still stay within the original drip edge square footage which kept the town and the shore land protection agency happy. The new screen porch with party deck above gives even more options for extended gatherings and flow out to the water’s edge. Storage for the canoes and kayaks below is convenient to the lake a few steps away and clears the once underutilized basement for the Family/ TV room to be installed. The new siding, trim and lighting on the exterior……site work adding swales to divert from the building and a new stone patio complete with fire pit- finalize the transformation of the home.