Outdoor Living Space

New London, NH

A new oversized sliding door, new deck with storage tucked below and a stone patio connected by a new exterior stair to the back yard help carve living space from the woods and provide the resident with the ability to enjoy her back yard without having to walk all the way around her home.

Built-in bookshelves with a hidden pocket for curtains flank the energy efficient doors, providing a place for cherished mementos and favorite books while protecting the safety and privacy of our client in the evenings.


KLG assisted the client with permitting and successfully going through the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) process to help resolve issues with the proposed project and the 100’ shore line set back required of the Little Lake Sunapee, feeder stream that ran through the woods behind her house.

The compromise – Shorten the porch by 2 feet and add a crushed stone, sand and filter fabric infiltration area that takes care of the added impervious area as well as a good portion of the original water sheeting off the backside of the residence.

“... The new porch and patio allowed me the freedom to enjoy the outdoors this summer, where otherwise I would not have been able to.”

Lois Darrow