Private Summer Residence

Lakeside – Little Lake Sunapee, New London, NH

The Project: Turn a drafty 1960’s Ranch into an Energy Efficient Cape with detailing more consistent with other Lakeside Residences in New London.

  • Add ceiling height to the first floor (was just over 7’) to achieve a more grand and spacious interior.
  • Add a New Master Bedroom Suite to the second floor complete with Bedroom, Bathroom, Laundry, Home Office/ sitting area and a private sheltered deck.
  • Add a guest bath in the basement, expanded the utility room and if possible to squeeze in – a guest room. We changed the circulation and add pocket doors to allow the lower level family room to do double duty as needed for the overflow guest room.
  • Provide a new steeper roof insuring adequate framing to tackle the punishing snow loads and replace the decaying central chimney that funneled heat out and rainwater in.
  • Get a new septic system approved to replace the one currently in failure.
  • Upgrade insulation, finishes, doors, windows, kitchen, baths, lighting…..
3d lawson house

Tall orders for a tight little ranch, hemmed in on one side by street & powerline setbacks and the other with steep slope, water line and Shore Land Protection restrictions.

From the initial client meeting KLG knew the project needed to be developed with the local Building and Zoning departments on board and ultimately would require going through the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) for approval. With approximately 3/4 of the existing structure located within the 50’ lakefront setback, an area where new construction, by zoning regulations, is not allowed, we needed to work with the town to see if this project was doomed before it could even get off the ground.

With an already non-conforming lot, building and septic system – nothing was a given. First-A new beefed up, steeper sloped roof was quickly approved to replace the shallow, under designed one that was in failure. Progress.

KLG noticed that the owners also owned a second non-conforming lot directly across the street and the wheels of possibility started turning. A mutually acceptable compromise was devised. The two lots were legally combined bringing the site size into compliance. The new larger septic system moved across the street. One house, one septic now in compliance, one garage….the town was happy. To compensate the ceiling was allowed to be raised and we were allowed to occupy the space under the new roof and add dormers lakeside, a full one away from the lake.

“It took 6 weeks for the first architect we contacted to tell us this could not be done….glad you took the time to prove them wrong.”

J. Lawson, Home Owner

The finished Residence had to keep to the existing drip edge & non-permeable surfaces on the site. Strict height regulation’s needed to be honored to maintain the town’s waterfront, ideals. KLG Architecture was with the client, guiding them in this process every step of the way.