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Residential Reno

New London, NH

When these clients contacted KLG Architecture, they were apologetic for perhaps wasting my time. They were up front saying they did not want a new fancy house or gargantuan addition. They liked their house for the most part….After talking to another local architectural firm they were left discouraged and feeling like they and their project were insignificant and unimportant. They did not know if I would be

Residential Reno

Taking the places people have and making them the places that they want is one of our specialties……
I thanked them for giving us a call and set up a meeting at their home.

Kelly Gale | KLG

The home was in the perfect neighborhood for the kids and their jobs. They loved the people, library and stores that were close by but the house itself, suffered from the cookie cutter raised ranch floor plan it was born with. The galley kitchen was small, very dated and cut the person working there off from the rest of the family and views to the outside. The dining area was awkward, tucked to the side but still in the circulation space in the interior of the home. The front room was rarely used as the larger Living Room to the back of the house was more comfortable so the family tended to gravitate there. 


After listening to the hopes for their home, their likes and dislikes, this is what we came up with:

  • We started by taking out the existing kitchen and the walls that cut this area off from the rest of the home. Took out the closet that they did not use as they had a mud room off the kitchen for coats and boots to land. We took down the tall half wall that restricted the views……the carpet and popcorn ceilings also had to go.
  • We opened up the kitchen and installed an oversized island with seating along one side to conversations with the cook.
  • We switched the uses of the other two areas, bringing the dining area to the front of the home giving it a more defined feel and sense of place it lacked previously. It now had room for a hutch on the outside wall and connectivity to the street life beyond the windows. The niche that once held the table was claimed for an informal seating area for those that did not want to sit at the breakfast bar or table but still wanted to be where everyone else was.
  • We added a new feature window above the entry door and opened up the stairs to help the space feel more expansive, allowing for better views and daylighting opportunities.
  • New flooring, trim, painted walls, painted flat ceilings at the dining and seating areas, ceiling fans, a boxed soffit at the kitchen with pendant lights, can lights and task lighting also helped to bring the home to life.