Sips Panel Construction

Grafton, VT

This gentleman had just lost his home to a fire and wished to rebuild, not what he had, but his dream home. He said “I need a Jeffersonianesque master bedroom, a bunk room for my nieces and a guest room that could possibly also be the Library……you know one of those cool old fashion ones…a place for dirty shoes and coats and an eat in kitchen/ dining/ living room. Can you design me something like that – that will look appropriate in Grafton Vermont?” I told him I might need a bit more clarification along the way but Yes, Yes we could design his dream home for him.

After walking the site, seeing the pre-fire pictures of his late home and a bunch of questions and images for him about what a Jeffersonianesque Bedroom meant to him, questions on his library and other basic questions on what other features he wanted and how he planned on using his house…this is what KLG came up with:

  • The master bed turned out to be on a platform with pull out draws and cabinets below and above and have curtains to pull across both sides. The bed area itself had a gentle arch to the ceiling and is heavily panelized. We designed built-ins behind the pillows, secret compartments and several lighting options. One side of the bed opened into the sitting area of the master suite, the other into the dressing room that itself opened to the 2nd floor bathroom.
  • The bunk room for the girls ended up being 3 arched twin sized beds tucked into the walls. Each had a bed curtain for privacy, dimmable lighting options and cell phone charging jack as well as shelves for individual belongings. One wall was lined with dressers, the other with a long vanity with a sink just for them. The room had two interior windows that could be opened to the living space below.
  • The Library ended up having a murphy bed with cabinets and shelves all around. Upscale trim, built-in window seats and a wraparound well-appointed desk area helped pull off the charm the client was looking for. A discrete door accessed the rear of the hall coat closet as it did double duty as the guest closet.
  • The mudroom was located in the basement as he said he always parked the car in the garage.
  • The Kitchen/ dining and living room filled one whole branch of the home with oversized wood trusses opening up the ceiling and adding even more volume to the space. The almost commercial scale appliances appealed to the owner as did the old time lighting scheme that hung over the full length breakfast bar. The south east area held a dining table with built-in banquette style seating on two sides, a wood stove which was the primary heating for the home and a open concept flexible living area. The end result was a kitchen that was comfortable for one but could accommodate 18-20 in a pinch.

Not long after the home was built, the client returned to KLG with a plea for help with the fit and finished within the home. Which happily we squeezed into the schedule.