highway garage

Sutton Highway Garage

Preliminary Plans, Code Review, Site Plan

Sutton, NH

The town of Sutton had a town garage designed by other firms and on different sites, up for vote for several years running. KLG Architecture was approached to design a no frills slightly smaller version that would be less costly and fit on their existing site. The town vote approved the new design and the building was completed soon after.

Project Challenges:

  • Wetlands along the back of the site.
  • Salt Shed on the site is to remain.
  • Wire/ Utility right of way at the front of the site.
  • Tight site plan that needed careful study to coordinate turning radiuses, storage of equipment, fire access, a diesel fuel station, a generator and area for snow storage.
  • Find the right mix or balance between taxpayer Pride and having them think the building to extravagant.
  • Assist the town in finding the right construction company for the job.
preliminary plan