Warren Volunteer Fire Department

Warren, NH

The town had repeatedly tried to get a new fire station built for their department without luck. I was hired to Scope out the existing building and put together a presentation for the town on what it would take to make the existing block building it currently shared with the town offices, safely meet the proposed program.


The existing building was found to be too costly to bring up to the basic needs as it was not insulated, needed to be taller and deeper so as to not need to purchase custom trucks all the time. It needed new windows and doors, a new bay or two to house even the existing equipment. The wall between the two uses needed to be brought up to code, as did the bathrooms, lighting, HVAC, egress lighting……The list goes on.

I reviewed the full existing site and found that a new structure could be constructed behind the existing building, temporarily leaving the existing structure in place until the new facility could be completed.

Next was to figure out what the new building was going to be:

  • All the existing equipment currently in the station, the equipment parked outside and in trailers needed a space. The new planned on (CIP) fire truck also needed to fit inside.
  • Solar Orientation/ solar panels need to be looked into.
  • They wanted a Radiant in slab heat system.
  • We needed the plans worked out for the future residential component.
  • The town wanted to combine the Police and Fire Department.

This was presented to the town and the vote approved KLG putting together Preliminary plans for the new fire station with enough research and detail to get a fairly accurate number to go to the voters the following year with.