KLG Services

Permitting, Feasibility Studies, Site Selection, Zoning, Codes, IBC, IRC, IEBC, IEEC, NFPA, ZBA, Shore Land Protection and Water Quality Act, Design – (Schematic, Preliminary, Design Development, Construction Documents), interior design, material selection, team selection …..

Architecture is an extremely diverse field. Many find even beginning the process daunting. It does not have to be.

A process where a client comes in with an idea, a need or a dream. Sometimes it is just a “is this Possible”. We listen and develop a “what we heard” document to put in writing what we understand the proposed project to be. At this point it is a malleable tool to get questions asked and answers given in a way that they can be tracked and looked back on at a later date to see what drove certain design decisions.  It is a time to talk expectations, budget, timeline, and goals for the project like “It needs to be Energy Star Certified, be super insulated or attain a certain LEED designation”. With the tough questions on the books the beginnings of a design emerges and evolves with our expertise and feedback from our client. Here is a simple project process:

  • It starts with you, your dream…..we talk and agree to work together, or not.
  • Reviewing Codes, Zoning and Regulations
  • Needs Assessment Survey, Brain Storming, Wish List Developing & Often Prioritizing or Crunching
  • Figure out Required Adjacencies, Develop Bubble Diagrams
  • Create Schematic then Preliminary Design Sketches
  • Further refine the Project during the Design Development Phase
  • Prepare Construction Documents which are the Finished Plans & Specifications needed to build. 

The project might also include one or more of the following:

  • Feasibility Studies- One or more early schemes to study cost, pros and cons and relationships of building & site.
  • Develop Marketing and presentation materials for fundraising or getting out the vote initiatives
  • Models, Renderings, 3D computer modeling for displaying, to inform the project or for fundraising.
  • Interior Design, Material, Lighting, Hardware selection, Finishes, Furniture Selection, Colors.
  • Master Planning of Site or Community (also really large facilities)
  • Site Selection, or building selection when embarking on an extensive renovation project. Review the pros and cons of one or more sites, with considerations such as civil constraints, permitting, cost, environmental issues, zoning, wildlife habitats and solar orientation and easements.
  • Assistance with renewables, solar, heat pumps, wind turbines, if appropriate for site/ project.
  • Exploring more in depth Environmental and Sustainable Strategies.
  • Historic Preservation (following the Secretary of Interiors guidelines for working on Historic Buildings)
  • Existing Conditions Survey—Starts with Photographing and extensive measurements of the existing building from which a drawing file on the computer is created (CAD File). This could be just the building floor plans, or include existing elevations, sections, structural, mechanical and electrical elements as well. It is often helpful to have the civil plans to tie into at this point. This may be used as part of the design process, for Historic Registration, as a preparation for going after grants or to assist in a fundraising campaign.
  • Help with Permitting and Approvals Process. Building, planning and zoning, shore land protection etc.
  • Building Code Review and ADA Compliance, meeting with state and local fire officials as needed.
  • Project Team Selection: Aide in the selection of team members such as the mechanical, structural and electrical engineers as well as the construction manager and other specialists as required.
  • Bid Phase Services. Write requests for qualifications (RFQ) and request for proposal (RFP) send out/ coordinate bids documentation and selection.
  • Concepts Plans for Phased Construction.
  • Construction Administration; Review submittals and shop drawings to insure compliance with the construction documents.
  • Documentation of the project when completed (As-Built documents).

Explanation of some of the terms/ possible services: If you have questions about anything else…just ask.  


Programming/ Needs Analysis/ Preliminary Design

  • Implement a plan for existing and future requirements for a given set of needs. Schematic design of program elements.

Design Development

  • Early schemes are finalized and details are worked out in this phase. Final adjacencies are worked out.

Project Team Selection

  • Aide in the selection of team members such as the mechanical, structural and electrical engineers as well as the construction manager and other specialists as required.

Construction Documents/Specifications

  • All the design elements are put into cad drawings and described in text as required to convey the intended design to the construction team.

Construction Management

  • Answer questions during the bid process, provide details to resolve construction issues, verify the building is proceeding per construction documents and approve shop drawings. Assist in color and material selection. Assist in furniture and furnishing selection.

Code Designations/ Regulations

  • International Building Code (IBC)

International Residential Code (IRC) One and 2 family homes

International Energy Conservation Code (IEEC)

International Existing Building Code (IEBC)

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

Life safety Code (NFPA 101)

Fire Code (NFPA 1)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

From walking a site, business or home before it is bought, to sending completed construction documents out to bid and assisting in Contractor Selection, including all the bits and pieces in between, KLG will be steadfast by your side. We bring over 20 years of building and architectural experience, Licensing in New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut as well as LEED certification to the drawing boards to ensure your project is a success. We have a can do attitude. We are committed to continuously updating out knowledge base to ensure the most up to date methodologies and materials are being used in your designs. 

We would love the opportunity to lend our knowledge and design expertise—to thoughtfully and enthusiastically work with you as our client to create a design that is inspired and beloved, a design that reflects you, your lifestyles and your tastes. Call or Email us today.